How Can I Help?

You don’t need to be a Committee Member to help or be involved with your PSA. There are lots of other ways you can show your support.
  • You could come along to the disco’s and help to serve the children snack or be a ‘bouncer’ in the hall.
  • You could help out at the Summer or Christmas Fayre.
  • Donations of home baking for any of our events are always appreciated!
  • Come along to one of our Craft Cafe's and help the kids create some mini masterpieces!
  • Have you tried You can donate to ‘Maddiston PSA - Falkirk’ while doing your online shopping.

The PSA run many events throughout the year, keep an eye on our Facebook page and this website for details.

We are indebted to the help and support you can provide whenever you can. We would always welcome fundraising ideas from people not actively involved with the PSA, so please feel free to give us your thoughts, ideas or questions. You can do this by emailing one of our committee members on our Contact Us page.

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