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What we do:

The PSA gets to do all the fun stuff! The purpose of the PSA is to raise money for the benefit of every child at the school and nursery and as school budgets get tighter, there is more reliance on us to provide the extras.

In the last four years (09/10 to 12/13) the PSA has raised over £30,000 for the school and nursery (over £6,000 in the 2012/13 school year)

The PSA has paid for or contributed towards:

  • The outdoor classroom
  • Upgrade to the sound system in the school hall
  • Annual summer trips for each class
  • ICT equipment (school and nursery)
  • Christmas pantomime (last two years)
  • Playground equipment incl. outdoor wigwams for the nursery

What's at risk if we don't get more members:

  • cost of school trips will dramatically increase
  • no more playground equipment
  • no more class treats e.g. author visits
  • \no more seasonal treats e.g. Easter Eggs, Christmas Pantomime
  • summer family fun day and christmas fayre will be in jeopardy

What you can do to help:

  • join the committee - you don't need to attend every meeting
  • continue to support our fundraising events
  • more committee members = new ideas = more fundraising opportunities
  • the more the merrier means equal share of time commitment
  • don't be nervous, there is usually cake!
  • ‘like’ our facebook page and keep up to date with our news

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